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Which Rice is best for a Healthier Lifestyle?

When it comes to health and maintaining an appropriate weight, we often start avoiding rice. Is rice really fattening? Well, the answer to this depends on the type of rice you consume daily.

There are so many different rice varieties in the world and all have different nutritional functionalities. The rice which is considered to be most helpful in weight loss is the brown rice, provided it is bought from the reputed and trusted basmati rice exporters.

Nutritional Value and Facts of different rice varieties:

A. White long grained rice

The top basmati rice distributors deliver you the highest quality basmati rice with the following nutritional value & facts:

  • Calories (one cup of cooked rice) had 206 kcal.
  • When boiled or steamed, white rice has only 0.5g fat.
  • Proteins content=4.3g
  • Carbohydrates=53 g


  • White rice doesn’t have sodium, hence consuming it is good to maintain and regulate blood pressure.
  • White rice has a high glycemic index compared to brown rice. This means it rapidly breaks down into simple sugars and increases the blood sugar level in the body. So, diabetics must avoid eating white rice.

B. Brown long grained rice

Due to higher nutritional value, export of basmati rice from India to different parts of the world has increased in recent years, especially the organic brown basmati rice.
Nutritional value:

  • Calories (one cup of cooked brown rice) = 216 kcal
  • When boiled or steamed, it contains 1.75g fat.
  • Protein content = 5.03g
  • The carbohydrate content= 45g (6% of our daily requirement*).
  • Dietary fibre = 3.51g


  • Besides great nutritional value, brown rice also helps in providing other health benefits such as regulating blood pressure, preventing gall stones, reducing the risk of heart diseases, avoiding the risk of breast and colon cancer, and strengthening of bones.
  • It even helps to avoid Type 2 Diabetes as it has a very low glycemic index that doesn’t increase blood sugar level rapidly.

C. Glutinous/Sticky rice
Nutritional value:

  • Calories (one cup of cooked rice)=169 kcal
  • Carbohydrates= 37g
  • Protein= 3.5g of protein, which is almost the same as brown rice.
  • Dietary fibre= 1g.
  • Fat= 0.2g.


  • It also includes selenium to offer anti-oxidative action to the human body.
  • It has manganese that helps in reducing cholesterol, as well as carrying out various metabolic reactions in the human body.
  • This rice is also very light on the stomach and digested easily.

Which rice type is healthier?

  • According to the leading basmati rice manufacturers in India, rice is rich in carbohydrates; thereby it’s good for providing instant energy.
  • Rice is not at all fattening, provided it is eaten in a small portion. It is, in fact, a good source of minerals and vitamins.
  • The only unhealthy side of white rice is its high glycemic index, which is known to increase the blood sugar level in the human body. So, it is not recommended for diabetics. But brown rice is a good alternative for them.
  • If consumed in small portions, no rice variety is unhealthy. However, brown rice is considered to be the healthiest rice variety among all other rice types.

How to make rice healthier?

Following are some of the easiest and healthiest ways to make rice:

  • Wash the basmati rice 2-3 times.
  • Boil or steam the washed rice to ensure its starch level is lowered.
  • Eat steamed or boiled rice rather than fried rice.
  • Add a fibrous food, like vegetables, with rice for faster digestion.
  • Khichdi is the healthiest rice recipe.
  • Even mix rice with curd to make it healthier.
  • Fish and Rice Soup also have many great health benefits.

Where to purchase the best quality rice?

Rice exporters India to the UK and other regions across the world offer superior quality basmati rice. Always purchase the high-quality organic basmati rice to ensure that there is no adulteration during the cultivation, processing and packaging processes.

Being the top basmati rice exporters in India, we are selling the following types of rice varieties with the help of our trusted basmati rice suppliers and distributors:

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