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Basmati Rice: Age is Not Just a Number

When it comes to ageing organic basmati rice, age is not just a number. If you have been purchasing basmati rice for long now, you must be aware of the significance of the ageing process. If not, allow us to tell you the importance of the ageing process for producing quality basmati rice.









Why ageing is important?

According to the top basmati rice manufacturers, rice developed after procurement and processing are cleaned with a rigorous technique to remove all impurities. This process also helps in de-husking, impurity separation, sizing and polishing. After polishing, the basmati rice exporters tend to store this rice variety for one year to 2.5 years for ageing.

Just like scotch and wine, the ageing process is important for organic white and organic brown basmati rice of any type. The striking quality that makes basmati the most favourite of many buyers is its ageing process. The more the basmati has aged, great is its significance and quality. During the aging process, the moisture content is also reduced. It further increases its aroma, as well as less moisture content means the rice will remain non-sticky after cooking. Besides all that, the ageing process also ensures that basmati gets perfect taste and length at the same time.

Rice exporters India to France supply the basmati only after proper testing of the ageing process. At our world-class warehouse and storage facilities, basmati is aged with care and precision. We ensure that the rice is processed under appropriate conditions while preventing humidity, infestation, moisture, rodents, bird droppings and adulteration.With a thorough understanding of our basmati rice exporters, we proudly supply the finest basmati rice that is aged well and tasted extremely good.

Reasons Why Basmati is Best

Our basmati rice distributors supply the best quality basmati. We select the highest quality pure basmati from more than 10,000 independent farmers. Basmati rice exporters India procure the superior basmati from the Northern Plains of India and each rice variety is hand harvested.

To ensure the highest quality of our Basmati, we do the purity test of every batch before the export of basmati rice from India.If you think basmati rice is just like any ordinary rice, here are some important reasons that will prove why basmati is different and best compared to other rice varieties:

Let us explore the manufacturing process of basmati rice.

Basmati is aged

Unlike other rice varieties, basmati rice suppliers age basmati for one, two or more years before supplying. This ageing process gives a distinct aroma and taste to this rice variety, making it stand out from the rest of the rice varieties.

Basmati is healthy

While other rice varieties have high glycaemic index and gluten, basmati has a low GI and is completely gluten-free. This makes this rice variety a healthy option for people who want to remain fit. Basmati also helps in maintaining your energy levels throughout the day, keeping you fresh and active all day long.

Basmati has distinct taste and aroma

The reputed basmati rice suppliers always offer you the superior quality basmati with distinct taste and aroma. Unlike ordinary rice grains, basmati is lightweight and has a fluffy texture. It is also elongated and slender and offers a distinctive and slightly nutty flavour.

The term basmati itself means “the fragrant one.” This rice variety has a unique aroma of sun-baked flowers and wood. When cooked, it fills up your whole house with the wonderful aroma.

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