Basmati Rice We Sell & How to Keep Rice Bug-Free

Rice Exporters sell some of the superior and premium quality organic basmati rice across the globe. We have been in the industry for quite a long time and introduced and selling many rice variants to basmati rice distributors and directly to the consumers worldwide.

We sell the following type of white organic and organic brown basmati rice:

  • Golden Sella Basmati Rice
  • Traditional basmati rice
  • Pusa Basmati Rice
  • 1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice
  • 1121 Basmati Rice – White
  • White Sella Basmati Rice
  • Sugandha Basmati Rice
  • Sharbati Basmati Rice

Each rice type is characterised by its aroma, fluffy and hard texture, as well as the delicious nutty flavour for which basmati rice is popular. The 1121 Golden Sella is one of the most loved basmati varieties by the customers.

Rice exporters India to Bangladesh or other countries also sell traditional basmati rice, which is prepared completely organically by the basmati rice manufacturers, just like all our rice varieties. The Suganda basmati rice is known for its high aroma. The name “Suganda” itself means aroma. It is another popular rice variety to fill up your house with an amazing fragrance of rice when cooking.

Being the leading basmati rice exporter India, we take good care of rice especially when it’s processed for producing fuller grains so that rice doesn’t break easily while transporting by the basmati rice suppliers or when cooked at home.

The whole basmati rice is done mechanically, untouched by human hand. This is done to ensure proper hygienic production process, followed by the stringent quality control processing. Our top-notch quality procession is the reason we have sustained a good name in the industry.

How To Prevent Rice From Bugs

The export of basmati rice from India to different parts of the world is done with the utmost care to maintain its quality. But even consumers are requested to take care of rice when stored at home. This is because if you keep them in open without any care, rice bugs may start attacking the unprotected grains.

While basmati rice exporters ensure that every process, including the packaging process, is done accurately without any chance of bugs sneaking in. There might be some other varieties, faulty packaging, or poor storage conditions that may develop changes of bugs entering into the rice packets.

Here are some important steps to check bugs in the packing and how to prevent rice from bugs:

Step 1

Check the open package in the pantry for bugs. Bugs usually hide in rice or other grains. If you find any infested package immediately discard it or it may contaminate other packages as well.

Step 2

Place any type of rice in an airtight, sealed container, as soon as the package is open. Also, ensure that the container is properly dried because humid conditions can also attract bugs or it may develop fungus, which is also worse.

Step 3

Place the airtight containers in a cool, dry place or in a freezer. It will not only keep rice free from bugs or other infestations but also increase the shelf life of the rice.

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